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Data Security Kit Cost Efficiency Device Control

Datasharp - Scan, Print, Fax, Copy
Cost Cost Analysis Consultancy & Auditing:
Core product Features
  • All document output is taken into consideration– Print, Copy, Fax
  • Benefits
  • IT Managers are more informed
  • Enables confident future planning of print, copier and fax placement on a known cost basis
  • Any office with a mix of suppliers for copying, printing and faxing
  • Any office that cannot clearly define their costs for document generation
  • Professional audit of document generation
  • Professional report with cost analysis
  • Independent assessment of document generation costs
  • Financial Managers are more informed
  • Typical Market Applications
  • Any office with inkjet or desktop printers

Network Print Audit is a tool which provides organisations with the ability to analyse print costs, delivering accurate information on the true cost of printing. Network Print Audit not only ensures better management of an existing printing environment but also enables better planning of future printing strategy, helping organisations make more informed decisions: -

• How much does printing cost?
• What is the current utilisation of the printers?
• Would it be more cost effective to replace existing printers with new devices with a more appropriate specification?

Account managers can now get accurate detailed reports of the cost of printing and copying by department and user and can use this information to help them budget for office costs or bill individual departments or users.

Print administrators now have the ability to control or restrict the number of prints and copies that can be made. This allows the administrator full control over all colour devices on the network.

PAS can be used to invoice customers or can be used as a pre pay system. PAS can account for separate colour and black and white printing/copying as well as different paper sizes.

This flexible print account software allows organisations to manage the cost of printing and copying. PAS administrators can track printer and copier usage by department or user and can generate up to 72 detailed predefined reports for both colour and black and white printing and copying. This information can then be used to track costs and invoice departments or users.

Additional functionality includes the ability to control the amount of printing and copying that a department or user can do, giving total control of the print and copying environment.


• Accounts for both colour and black and white printing and copying
• Differentiates between paper size and colour documents
• Can be extended to offer secure printing features
• Modular design of the software allows easy upgrade


• Requires no special client software installation
• Can be used for counting budgeting and payment functions
• Print volume per user and group can be controlled
• Modular structure ensures flexibility to optimise for all operating conditions
• No additional software required on users network


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