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Data Security Kit Cost Efficiency Device Control

Datasharp - Scan, Print, Fax, Copy
Data Security Kit:
Core product Features
  • Hard disk data erased/overwritten after copy, scan and print use
  • Tamper resistant
  • Common Criteria
  • Benefits
  • Sensitive data does not remain on the print/copy device
  • Typical Market Applications
  • Government and local authorities
  • Legal & Personnel
  • Encrypts hard disk data
  • Runs automatically without user intervention
  • Supports PCL5, PCL6 and Postscript
  • Accredited to ISO 15408
  • Requires no external hardware
  • Helps companies conform to the Data Protection Act
  • Military, hospitals, banking and insurance
  • Companies that work with secure information
  • Environments requiring security

Digital Printer/Copiers typically use computer style memory and hard disks to capture the documents to be printed, scanned or reproduced. The disks can retain hundreds of pages of confidential information from any previous copy, print or scanned job. However, the Common Criteria, ISO 15408 accredited Sharp Data Security Kit enables highly sensitive information to be securely printed, scanned, copied or faxed without the worry of residual data being left on the multifunctional device. After use, the Sharp Data Security Kit overwrites the captured document with random data rendering it unrecoverable by commercial means. In addition, the AR-FR4/5 versions of Data Security Kit encrypt any data held in the memory or hard disk, guarding against data loss due to hard disk theft, or the remote chance that a hacker mounts an attack on the device. This essential utility, recommended for all who handle sensitive information, is the World’s first Common Criteria validated printer and copier solution. Additional security can be obtained by using the Secure Network Interface Card option and Secure Document Release solution available from Sharp, which will only allow the print to be recovered when the user is present. The Importance of Common Criteria Sharp has successfully completed the Common Criteria evaluation for the Data Security Kit, the first product of its type to be issued a ‘Common Criteria’ certificate by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP). Sharp is the first in the industry to receive a Common Criteria Validation for developing a product with this technology, achieving a resounding global first for security within the office equipment field. Common Criteria testing eliminates costly security evaluations for product developers. Products need undergo only one evaluation to attain recognition from all participating nations. Worldwide availability of validated IT security capable products. Confidential Print Function - additional security is achieved through Sharp's confidential print function. Confidential print data will be held in encrypted format until the user is present at the device. This essential utility is recommended for all who handle sensitive information and runs automatically in the background without user intervention.


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