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Device Control: Printer administration utility
Core product Features
  • Icon based graphical interface
  • Device conditional warnings
  • Default configuration settings
  • Printer Administration Utility:
  • Preventative maintenance warnings
  • Sharp Monitor:
  • Notification of job completion
  • Typical Market Applications
  • IT departments
  • Operations where print output is time critical
  • Colour coded device status
  • Device status indication
  • Device alert notification
  • Benefits
  • All devices can be monitored and configured from a single console
  • Paper and toner status enable day to day planning of supplies
  • Awareness of device status before sending print output
  • Warning of problems during printing
  • All office workgroups
  • Operations with high levels of print output

Printer Administration Utility (PAU) is a networked printer management tool using standard Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to monitor status and enable remote configuration of networked Sharp Digital Printer and Copier devices. PAU is utilised by network administrators for monitoring all Sharp network connected printers and copiers. The utility keeps a constant status check on the devices, warning when some action is necessary by the administrator – for example if paper supply is low, or toner supply is low, or if a periodical service is due – and alerting when a problem has occurred – for example paper jam or toner exhausted. The graphical user interface uses colour-coded icons to differentiate between good working condition, warning condition, and alert condition, so that problem recognition is fast and efficient and preventative maintenance can be carried out. The utility has the "look-and-feel" of a standard Windows application, so users will find the interface structure and control easy to navigate. By utilising PAU, network administrators can manage all Sharp Digital Printers and Copiers remotely via the network from a single console. Sharp Monitor Sharp Monitor complements PAU as a user level tool. Sharp Monitor provides a simple utility for viewing the current condition of the network printer of interest to a particular user. This permits the print user to decide whether the printer is available and has enough paper for their output. In addition, Sharp Monitor will notify the user of job completion, so that the user only needs to go to the printer when the output is complete. Sharp Monitor reports information directly to the user’s windows desktop through a simple icon based graphical interface.


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